Through The Miseries: A trip in Jewel Cave

On the morning of Sunday the 15th I met up with some other cavers to undertake a trip that ended up taking about 14 hours of crawling, squeezing, climbing and laying in mud reading survey instruments.  This was a survey trip that took me through The Miseries, an especially challenging section of Jewel Cave that is a mile stone on the way to longer camp trips; expeditions to the edge of the true frontier of Jewel Cave.  Below are some photos taken by Isaac Reid; I didn’t take any photos myself, figuring that I didn’t want to risk my own camera on the trip.  I feel I was right to not risk my camera.  I arrived home after 1 am on Monday exhausted and filthy after the trip.  I was still muscle sore, bruised and scraped all over my body two days later.  On the positive side, I was excited to have participated in the next step of my hobby as a cave explorer and have signed the log to a section of cave only a hundred some people have signed before.



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