How to pack for the Jungle/Tropics


Packing for any trip can be time consuming and hard, so I’ve created a basic packing list with pointers for anyone visiting the tropics (especially the rain forest) for any length of time.  Please feel free to follow, ignore or modify my advice as you see fit, after all it’s your trip!

*Back pack or dry bag to fit everything in

*Two pairs of long pants (quick drying)

*Two pairs of long shirts (quick drying)

*One pair of shorts (quick drying)

*One short sleeve shirt/t-shirt (quick drying)

*Water Purification system

*Water bottles (at least two one liter bottles)



*Tall rubber boots


*Hiking boots

*light weight hiking socks

*Sun/rain hat

*Insect repellent

*Sun screen

*Tent and or hammock-tent

*Light weight sleeping bag

*Sleeping pad

*First aid kit

*Mess kit, fork, knife, what ever is needed

*Guide books

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