How to WWOOF internationally

Sclerophyll forest in Tasmania
Sclerophyll forest in Tasmania

For those of you who don’t know, WWOOF stands for Willing Workers On Organic Farms.  It stands for a sort of help exchange program where you work on an organic farm for a few hours a day and in exchange you get free room and board.  There are other similar programs, my personal favorite being helpx.  It seems a little weird at first to most Americans to spend your time in a foreign country or even a different part of your own working for room and board but it’s a great way to extend the length of a trip with little money.  As a bonus you get to spend time with a local and perhaps even gain some skills in farming or other manual labor.  I worked on an organic subsistence farm in Tasmania for a month and it was a blast.  I lived in a cabin/house in a  sclerophyll forest with lots of wonderful wildlife like wallabies, spiny echidna and the famous Tasmanian devil.  I would recommend this for of travel for anyone who wants to spend time with locals, learn about culture and extend their trip for little to no extra cost.  It’s easy to sign up, find a host and email them.

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