Visiting Tasmania

For English speakers Australia in general and Tasmania specifically may be one of the easiest travel destinations in many ways.  The down side to Tasmania is cost, everything is expensive.  If you’ve ever traveled to an island, you know prices are a bit higher than on mainland.  Now imagine an island off the coast of an island continent and you start to get the idea.  Plus Australia is a developed nation with a relatively good economy, which also makes things a bit pricier.

If you have the money though, Tasmania is well worth the visit; it’s a nature lovers paradise.  Unlike mainland Australia, you don’t have to worry about dangerous snakes.  However, you still get monotremes, marsupials and an abundance of interesting birds.  According to some locals, if you get really lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the shy and exceedingly rare Tasmanian Tiger (in reality they’ve been extinct for a while but they’re still a potent symbol of Tasmania).  Of course there is always the much famed Tasmanian Devil to seek out.  There are gorgeous beaches, the largest trees in the Southern Hemisphere, caves full of glow worms and weird indigenous wildlife.

If you’re American remember that Aussies love to rib you for your nationality, don’t take it personally, they’re just having fun.  Besides that, Tasmania is safe and easy to travel in with easily available rental cars at airports, a system of mail vans that you can take as transportation between cities and plenty of hiking.  I also hear it’s a good place for hitch hiking and in the warmer months there is SCUBA diving and marine wildlife boat tours.  The winter (when I visited) is quite mild and you’d be lucky to see any snow but it does rain a fair amount.

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